Car – 2015 Specification

Make: Ford
Model: Focus ST170
Year: 2002

Data  acquisition: 

Race Tech digital dash & data logger linked to the OMEX ECU.

Vehicle safety:

OMP bolt in. Custom made harness bar manufactured by LT Performance Beverely.
Fuel Tank:

Foam filled and baffled 20 litre race tank in a bespoke regulated aluminium box with rollover valve.


Burton Power Custom Creation.
Block: Duratec
Fasteners: ARP
Throttle Bodies: Titan Motorsport butterfly/Carbon trumpets
Oil System: Titan Motorsport dry sump kit, tanks and plumbing by Think Automotive
ECU: Omex 600 Series
Radiator: Radtec custom development
Coolant: Evans Waterless Coolant
Exhaust System: Peron Automotive custom side exit (BTCC Spec), exhaust manifold custom design to suit engine build.
Fuel Pump: Bosch 044


Gearbox: 5 Speed MTX75 casing.
Clutch: Helix Autosport 184mm twin plate race clutch
Flywheel: Helix Autosport lightweight
Differential: Titan Motorsport carbon plated prototype.
Driveshafts: Ford Focus Mk1
Gear Kit: GD Transmissions dog kit custom ratios.


Front Dampers: Leda with remote canister, 3 way. Custom Rods.

Front Springs: Eibach 450lbs
Rear Dampers: Leda with remote canister 2 way.
Rear Springs: Eibach 600lbs

Top mounts: Grp A WRC 2 way adjustable
Front Roll Bar:  Whiteline adjustable race drop links.
Rear Roll Bar: Whiteline adjustable with race drop links.


Front Calipers: 4 Pot Brembo, Pagid RS4 Pads.
Front Discs: 328mm x 28mm with custom floating bells.
Rear Calipers: ST170 DS2500 pads
Rear Discs: ST170 280mm
Brake Lines: Think Automotive braided lines.

Wheels & Tyres

Dry Wheels: Team Dynamics pro race 1.2 7×17
Dry tyres: TOYO R888R’s, 215 45 17
Wet Wheels: Team Dynamics pro race 3 7×17
Wet tyres: TOYO T1R’s 215 45 17


Power: 300+bhp, 200 lbs/ft torque
Weight: 1080kg