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In 2011 the concept of AJ Racing was the brainchild of Jon Morris, Jon was medically discharged from the Army in 1999 he struggled to adapt to civilian life – activities that people take for granted such as the development of social and domestic skills. At the time of Jon’s medical discharge, he was seen to struggle with both mobility and independent tasks, it took many years to build up Jon’s self-confidence and self-belief along with his overall attitude to life. He was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of which Jon knew nothing about this debilitating illness. It has taken a number of years together with a lot of patience and encouragement to create the racing driver we see today.

Jon would like to show that if he can progress and be a part of this ever-expanding racing team, then other service personnel affected by PTSD can also develop and enrich their lives. If being part of AJ Racing can help them then Jon feels as though the team will have achieved its objectives. As part of his development, Jon made the decision to undertake a degree in Sport and Adventure Management, which he successfully completed. After this achievement, Jon realised he could continue to develop this included his passion and dreams.

Jon competed in his first ever race in The Time Attack Championship at Brands Hatch on 8th July 2012 where he secured a podium position, whilst sat in the pit garage reflecting on the events of the day he thought of all the people that had helped him to realise one of his dreams. Jon then realised he could combine some of his passions, helping others especially those who have been in a similar position to himself alongside motorsport. Jon chose to invite injured service personnel through outlet charities offering places upon the team in a capacity to help them to recover.

From what started out as just a dream and a passing comment has now turned into a dedicated team.  AJ Racing team strive to help those that want help being it through veteran’s charities or serving service personnel. 

Since a very successful season in 2015, the team has been busy both rebuilding the car to a higher competitive standard and also working alongside the Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club (, 2021 is to be a stronger step forward towards providing help and having a beast of a racecar. the team will welcome 2 additional drivers with endurance championships being looked at after testing.

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